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...Feel free...
Our music...will bring forth your dreams
A R T     M U S I C     S H O W
made in italy

About us

A team of designers, directors and performers of exclusive and unique Italian artistic works.

It's a company with artistic and music goals  which operates in Italy and abroad. It is characterized by the exclusive creation of ad hoc artistic, music and theatre projects thanks to an entourage of artists and professionals, of proven experience.

Every step in the creation of a single event is inspired by the principle of personalization. Indeed the commissioned project ( chosen from those offered by us) develops little by little starting from the auditorium, the recording studio, tailoring laboratories up to the scene and graphic design (inside of our head office)  under the guidance of our art director  who makes it unique owing to the characteristics and mode of conception and execution.

Divinamente Management, also ensures the exclusivity of the event due to the company's decision to organize and perform one (and only one) for each date.

Divinamente Management, is an Italian brand that makes use of human and material resources in order to represent the typically Italian taste and  attention to details.

Divinamente Management

is not a trademark in Italy ...

It is an Italian brand name.

Art Director

Simonetta Ceccotti

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A R T - S C E N I C

Whether it  is cinema, theatre, reception, art, music or entertainment, the first contact with the idea, with the creation takes place there, in our laboratory.

Here we select the finest  bizarre, unusual materials from wood to textiles up to the use of increasingly innovative materials.

And then ...the naked and skilful hands of our artists and craftsmen process the raw materials, transform  and give them utterly new features.

And  still there, in that same spot, we work out   the logistics before making for the location, where are we going to assemble all the props thus creating the ideal finishing.

All this is made by professionals, fitters, machinists, stage directors, set designers and technicians who make use of our projects, or those of external agencies and architects.

Our 20- year-old experience in scene designs and organizations includes the following customers and events, just to name a few: Sammontana, Bauli, Tre Marie, Kedrion, set designs for the cinema, for TV (Giochi senza frontiere) and then famous pharmaceutical companies and banking institutions, important art exhibitions in addition to the sceneries that we have set up for many years in the famous Theatre of Silence (Andrea Bocelli) at Laiatico.


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  • Simonetta Ceccotti +39-3476371900
  • Email: info@divinamentemanagement.com
  • Address: Divinamente Management
  • Piazza Caduti divisione Acqui Cefalonia Corfù, 9 Pontedera (PI).
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